128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo's Visual Guide to Music, Culture, and Everything in Between

128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo's Visual Guide to Music, Culture, and Everything in Between

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0789324288

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Known internationally as a curator and influencer amongst the world’s top DJs, producers, and artists, Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo, is at the nexus of music, fashion, and cultural trends. His record label Mad Decent has helped bring Brazilian baile funk, Angolan Kuduro, and other unknown music to clubs around the world, while his work as a producer has brought a unique sound to hits like M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes,” Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now,” and Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls).”

128 Beats Per Minute follows Diplo on this fantastic journey, from his involvement with dub reggae in Jamaica to the electro/techno underground in Tel Aviv. Each chapter chronicles his tastes and travels, complete with tweets and playlists, as documented by photographer Shane McCauley. 128 Beats Per Minute provides unique access to the hottest scenes shaping music’s landscape today. 

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interesting and Wild artists I know call it home. Previous spread: View of East Jerusalem, 2008. Right: Diplo in the Old City Jerusalem, 2008. Above: The Mount of Olives, 2008. 64 • ISRAEL ISRAEL PLAYLIST i. WARRIOR QUEEN "Check It" (Skream mix) 2. THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS "Saturate" 3. COLLIE BUDDZ "Come Around" 4. BOOKA SHADE vs M.A.W. "Mandarine Girl/Work" s. BORGORE/D IPLO "Sunsets" s. MAJOR LAZER "Cash Flow" (Subskrpt remix) 7 · CHASE & STATUS "Eastern Jam" s. UFFIE

and following spread: Passa Passa street party, Kingston, 2009. A road in Tivoli Gardens. ~ Spanish neighborhood in West Kingston, is home to Passa Passa, one of the world's most far'r\~l...lSrna1 dancehall parties. Weddy Weddy Wednesday, started on Ash Wednesday in 2003, is a weel s held at Stone Love Headquarters in Kingston. A precursor to Passa Passa. which you will see ~rt). 78 - JAMAICA more of on the following pages, Weddy W eddy runs from about 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Passa

Petersburg , 2010. 136 • RUSSIA I I r I/ I~ A.b() "e· ()llp . Oteg A 0$' "~• lte• + h'IS SO •· "d tM wo"d io hi• ow" ,;ght. •"'"'ht"' iO Ythms. @•ist anbbean culture), he has become well known for his reggae 0 '°'; P'°"""' 00 ' arremix RUSSIA· 139 140 •

think it might be: It's dangerous. thrilling, wild, and unpredictable. Toy Selectah is one of my good friends from there. He introduced me to Calle 13 and other giants in the Latin music scene. Toy was in Control Machete. an enormous hip-hop group from Mexico that brought the culture to Latin America. and his A&R work was instrumental in bringing reggaeton to America. Mexico is like Israel in that there's a sense of risk on every trip out. The shows in Mexico go off. It's not like in the US

found a psych-rock record from 1968 that I was told was banned by the government at the time. Previous spread: Hong Kong, 2009. 190 - ASIA Right : Diplo on the Great Wall of China, 2009. ) •un~ing P"w"'" 51,,. Aok•'" dinMak tho records. . . Hong Kong, 2009. Aoki i•, Lo, Ang''""'""' . ond th• owne• 0 f Dim nk and Whkh h• h" b"'n ·" "'' he in high '

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