Wired [UK] (December 2015)

Wired [UK] (December 2015)

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WIRED is the Magazine for smart, intellectually curious people who need and want to know what’s next. WIRED will always deliver stimulating and compelling content and stunning design and photography. If you want an inside track to the future, then WIRED is your magazine.

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caverns. Together, the five caves will create 60 hectares of space below Banyan Basin. The first of the five caverns took eight years to complete, and the next four are still in the making. JTC, the local corporation tasked with their development, hopes to complete the project by the end of 2016. Each of the caverns, and the 9km of access tunnels built around them, were drilled and cleared using E A R LY A D O P T E R S / P E T R O L E U M P I T / S T A R T / 0 5 5 Access shaft explosives,

partnership Shell has forged. In China, it has a two-year agreement with the Central Government’s think tank, the Development Research Centre under the Chinese State Council, to undertake studies into the country’s mid- and long-term energy strategies. A n d , o f c o u rs e, S h e l l i s a leading innovator in natural gas. A fuel that can be liquefied to provide an economical fuel for power generation. Replacing coal-fired power stations with gas technology could cut power plant CO2 emissions

with an emerging crisis. ABILITY TO BUILD TRUST • Cities that attract businesses and citizens to settle provide a stable environment for them – consistency in rules and regulation, no sudden changes to these, and a sense of fairness for all involved. FLEXIBLE LONGTERM PLANNING • Circumstances change – and urban planning decisions taken in the present need to build in sufficient capacity to adapt and evolve to reflect future realities, technology trends and stresses. COLLABORATE EFFECTIVELY •

to race in the front seat,” he says. The sport is already big news in the US, where the recent National Drone Racing Championships, held alongside California’s State Fair, attracted 120 pilots and garnered thousands of YouTube views. The rise in drone popularity has also encouraged the creation of other sports, such as Robot Wars-like combat fighting, made popular by the web series Game of Drones. FPV’s biggest draw, Waring says, is that the nascent technology allows for broad access. “Anyone can

TEST This creativityassessing algorithm, designed at Rutgers University, New Jersey, scoured more than 80,000 paintings for patterns or styles that were likely to be imitated. Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon was one of the highest rated. rutgers.edu Getanearlylookatthe futurewithWIREDConsulting Today’s pace of change is recalibrating every business WIRED Consulting brings senior executives together with the innovators who use technology to build the companies of tomorrow

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