What Happy Working Mothers Know: How New Findings in Positive Psychology Can Lead to a Healthy and Happy Work/Life Balance

What Happy Working Mothers Know: How New Findings in Positive Psychology Can Lead to a Healthy and Happy Work/Life Balance

Cathy L. Greenberg, Barrett S. Avigdor

Language: English

Pages: 191

ISBN: 2:00307552

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A fact-based and proven approach to help working mothers rediscover happiness as they balance their duties at home and work

Science and sociology have made great strides in understanding what makes us happy and how we achieve it. For working mothers who face endless demands on their time and attention, What Happy Working Mothers Know provides scientifically proven and practical ways to find the right balance and replace stress with happiness. Written by a behavioral scientist and global leadership guru, and an international lawyer and career coach, this mom-friendly guide offers practical tactics that truly work.

The demands of juggling work and home lead many women to try to do everything and be everything to everyone. In the effort to be Superwoman, many women lose sight of what makes them happy and they fail to realize how important their happiness is to being a good worker and a good mother. The key to being your best at everything you do is to take care of your happiness the way you take care of your health, through conscious choices every day. You'll learn to overcome obstacles, apply lessons learned at work to your motherhood skills, and learn lessons from your children that you can apply at work.

  • Includes interactive activities that illustrate important lessons in the book
  • Shows you how to use positive psychology to shift from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality for workplace success
  • Helps you tap into your own sense of joy every day for your own happiness and the happiness of those around you
  • Science-based and packed with real case studies of real working moms
  • Written by authors with impeccable qualifications and real-world experience

Many moms raise great kids and achieve the professional success they desire and deserve, but if they aren't happy, what's the point? This book doesn't show you how to have it all, but how to have all the things that really matter.

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delve into the troubles of latchkey kids, and talk shows regularly take working mothers to task by claiming their children are harmed because their mothers leave them each day to go to work. Working mothers take the blame for everything from childhood obesity to increases in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in kids. No wonder we feel guilty. But it’s time for a reality check. Happiness Tip: When you realize that you’re not perfect and allow yourself a few mistakes, you’ll go a long way

completely entwined with their work. Because we as mothers are the center of the family unit and our mood sets the tone for our children and significant others, we owe it to ourselves and our families to find our happiness. Is Less More? Have you ever thought about how you would like your children to remember you when they’re grown? Will it be as a comfortable parent who always listened and offered guidance when asked or as a frantic mother who shuttled the kids from practice to lessons to

herself to be the perfect stay-at-home mom. Now the kids show up on weekends and holidays with pillowcases full of laundry and the hope of a home-cooked meal with Mom and Dad. Now that they are on their way to being successful adults they truly appreciate the extra bit of time they have with Mom and Dad. They especially enjoy that home-cooked meal, which, Kathy admits, is often a combination of home preparation and takeout. The happiness comes from a family meal together, not who cooks it!

Press, 2007). To tell your own story, you create a sincere narrative that incorporates order, insight, and love for who you are. It is the true story of your past and your vision for your future. Your story can empower you and help you navigate through troubled times. It is crucial to have an internal voice that helps you communicate your new story to yourself and those around you. Unlike the exercises in previous chapters that focused on specific aspects of your story, this story of you

But happiness, as we define it, is a long-term state of mind. Let’s examine the reality of what motivates working mothers to choose to lead happy lives long term, and how you to can learn to achieve such a life, too. Perspectives on Happiness Each of us defines happiness in our own way. Here’s how one group of working mothers, with children ages 8 months to 23 years, answers the question: What is happiness? ♦ “Flexibility and balance,” says Lisa, who works part-time from home and has two

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