Frej Wasastjerna

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The gods have slept for more than seventeen centuries and are due to wake up in twenty years. When that happens, Kumulhan, High Priest of the Sky Father among the nomads of the Tagashai steppe wants his god to be supreme over the other gods. To ensure that, he launches an army of elite nomad cavalry in a brutal campaign to conquer the world.

Tochwyatis, a young sailor born into a poor family but with an aptitude for sorcery, finds himself playing an important part in the efforts to defeat Kumulhan.

At a mere 66,000 words this novel should come as a welcome relief to anybody fed up with multi-volume series of doorstops.

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Pretender's Gambit (Rogue Angel, Book 51)

Ramage & the Saracens (Lord Ramage, Book 17)

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The White Headhunter: The Story of a 19th-Century Sailor Who Survived a South Seas Heart of Darkness

Raising the Dead

















thousand men hear him, which would otherwise have been impossible. He did not need to hold up his hands for silence. Once all the troops had arrived, they sat like statues in front of him. Their horses weren't quite so well disciplined, every now and then one would whicker or lift its tail and drop a load of dung. But that didn't matter. He began his speech. Most of it consisted of incidents in which the sessors, the despised city-sitters of Maimo, had humiliated Tagashaian nomads. Some of the

when he took a careless step, Tochwyatis slipped. The butt of his crossbow hit the ice with a crash, together with his own rear. Rokech turned his head and hissed, "Make less noise!" His face burning, Tochwyatis got up and checked whether he had suffered any injuries. No broken bones at any rate; his right wrist felt slightly sprained, but it was probably nothing serious. His crossbow was intact, as was his dagger. From then on, he walked very cautiously. After a while they came to a place

exercise loosened them up, though it didn't help the underlying tiredness. He kept on walking, occasionally looking at Niariti to see how she was doing. She seemed to be doing well enough, to have recovered well from last night's exhaustion. It was fortunate, he thought, that this slope was open and smooth, not like the scree-packed slopes he had sometimes climbed near his home. The sky on their right and left, and above the peak they were heading for, gradually turned pink, then pale blue. The

consummate that love, since that would weaken or destroy his sorcerous ability and my ability to read the dreams of the Lady of Cats. It could, of course, fit others too, but I think we should assume that it refers to us two. However, since it was Tochwyatis who realized what 'succor from above' must refer to, I'll leave it to him to describe that." "So far the People of the Earth Mother, the People of the Sky Father and the Cat People have all been involved in this war," Tochwyatis said. "But

slowly, the enemy flanks more rapidly, until the Maimonese square was surrounded. Then the enemy began to close in. When the nomads came within bowshot, they nocked arrows, drew them back and let fly. Thousands of arrows flew through the air. Most of them hit shields or armor, got stuck or glanced off, but some penetrated flesh. Men and horses screamed, some fell down dead. And more arrows followed. But the Maimonese replied in kind. Their archers and crossbowmen inflicted wounds and death on

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