Thomas and the Treasure (Thomas & Friends)

Thomas and the Treasure (Thomas & Friends)

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 037584287X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thomas videos continually are top sellers in all markets, and the release of each new Thomas DVD has created great excitement. Thomas books based on videos also do sensationally in all markets. Here is the latest book from a video. These three stories from the newest release are filled with the same gentle humor and familiar friends as are all of the very popular Thomas Picturebacks.

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He had picked up the visitors Thomas had left behind. Bertie honked his horn. But the signal had changed and Thomas puffed away. Thomas was in a hurry. “Silly tank engine!” parped Bertie. “I will have to chase after you!” The children on board Bertie thought a chase was great fun! Thomas arrived at Black Loch. “Everyone out to see the seals,” he tooted. “Hurry up, hurry up!” The visitors took their cameras to see Black Loch. Thomas had to wait. He didn’t like waiting. He had to show

quickly back to Black Loch. With all the visitors on board, Thomas set off again. Thomas had to stop at a junction. He looked at the view of the sea. It was beautiful. “I wish we could just stay here all day,” Thomas wheeshed. “There are so many things to do!” The visitors looked out of the windows. Their faces smiled when they saw blue sea and the golden yellow sand. Suddenly Thomas had an idea! “We will stay here all day,” he whistled. The visitors had a lovely time.

with the Admiral and a chest of pirate treasure!” thought Thomas. “That would show James and Emily!” So Thomas chuffed onto the track away from the museum and set off into the mountains—to look for the first clue…. “How could an eagle point the way?” wondered Thomas. “How could clouds not be in the sky?” And Thomas knew he had never seen a skull and crossbones anywhere…. Later Emily puffed towards Thomas. “There’s no such thing as treasure,” she laughed. But Thomas paid no attention. The

Hatt. “Harold will now take the Admiral to the museum.” Thomas felt very foolish. If only he hadn’t spent so much time looking for the clues…. “Fancy believing in a silly old story!” laughed Harold. “Everyone thinks I’m silly,” huffed Thomas, “but I still believe there’s treasure!” Thomas puffed sadly along the track away from the lake. Thomas had never been this way before…. So he didn’t know where it would lead. It led him into a tunnel! At last, Thomas came to the end of the

line. He was surprised! There were all the other engines! And there was the Admiral! “I am very proud to declare the new Maritime Museum open!” he announced. Everyone cheered and whistled. Then Thomas saw something even more exciting! “That’s it!” Thomas tooted. “The pirate’s treasure’s right here!” “Don’t be silly!” huffed Emily. “Everyone knows it’s just a silly old story!” snorted James. But Thomas knew he was right. “I followed all the clues!” he puffed proudly. “And you have

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