The Twentieth Century (History of Fashion and Costume)

The Twentieth Century (History of Fashion and Costume)

Clare Hibbert

Language: English

Pages: 64

ISBN: 0816059519

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An eight-volume set examining the development of costume and fashion and the social history that gave rise to it. It depicts the changing styles, processes, and trends - from the first people to wear clothes in the last Ice Age to the courtly fashion of medieval Europe to the globalization of Western style - that led us to the clothing of today.

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Fashion-ology: An Introduction to Fashion Studies
















womenswear, stylish men dressed in tailored suits from Italy.The Italian style featured a relatively short singlebreasted jacket with tapered trousers. It was worn with a slim, horizontally striped tie and pointed leather shoes. Of course not everyone could afford to dress in the latest style of suit. In Britain, some men continued to wear the “demob” suits they had been given at the end of the war. Cotton sundresses were printed with cheerful florals, checks, or stripes. Skirts were full,

makeup, and wore macho denim dungarees. Hair Hairstyles also became a badge of identity for other groups. Black men The Seventies and women continued to adopt the Afro as a symbol of black pride. Anti-war protestors generally wore their hair long, not just because they were hippies, but also to contrast with the cropped hair of the soldiers they opposed. Toward the end of the decade, new styles appeared. Glam rockers teased their hair into larger-than-life styles. Spiky punk haircuts, often

values went out of style, tough new tomboy ideas of femininity emerged.Young women adopted camouflaged combat pants and hefty workboots.The early nineties’ comic series Tank Girl, and 49 Heatproof Clothing The end of the nineties saw new developments in heatproof clothing. NASA designers used their spacesuit expertise to improve the suits worn by terrestrial firefighters. Their aluminium-andKevlar-coated fire-resistant suits had a special cooling capacity. A new material called CoolTek was also

separates Garments designed to be worn interchangeably with others to create different combinations. shoulder pads Foam pads sewn into the shoulders of jackets or dresses in order to make the wearer appear more broad shouldered. Soviet Union Also known as the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), a country formed from the territories of the Russian Empire in 1917, which lasted until 1991. suffragette A woman who campaigned for women’s right to vote. synthetic Manmade. taffeta A shiny, stiff

running step-by-step features on how to achieve filmstar glamor. Rouge and lipstick were essential items, and actress Joan Crawford’s bright red lips were widely copied. Eyes were made up with cream or powder shadows, pencils, and brushon mascara. Many women plucked their eyebrows into thin arches, like Marlene Dietrich’s.The thirties also saw the appearance of false eyelashes and fingernails. Film star Greta Garbo was an inspiration to many women. Her slouch hat was widely copied. 19

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