The Napkin, The Melon & The Monkey: How to Be Happy and Successful by Simply Changing Your Mind

The Napkin, The Melon & The Monkey: How to Be Happy and Successful by Simply Changing Your Mind

Barbara Burke

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 140192574X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Barbara Burke's tale of success follows Olivia as she learns to take control of her life and gain pleasure from her work. With easy-to-understand parables and down-to-earth language, this human story of achievement will appeal to everyone who has ever looked for the answers to their work worries. Olivia was failing in her career as a customer service representative, alienated from her husband and agitated with her children. At breaking point, she found comfort and guidance in a close friend and the life parables that had been handed down from her ancestors. We follow Olivia as she uses her new found knowledge to deal with everyday problems in healthy ways. Olivia's life lessons are amusing and memorable, and offer key lessons and principles explained in a digestible fashion. Her story is one that every worker can relate to, and her route to success is one that every worker can learn from.

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the middle—gave me the power I needed to see the situation more clearly. Aha! #11 PEOPLE HARMONIZE WHEN THEY ARE TUNED TO THE SAME FREQUENCY. Now when an irate customer called, I just let them vent. Instead of getting angry back, I tried to put myself in their shoes. “She is really angry,” I said to myself. “I would be, too.” I noticed something else. Being more calm and collected allowed me to come up with the best possible solutions for my customers. They really appreciated the

result of learning to unplug and apply SODA to my life? Was she the type of person who would consider that a weird explanation? If I did tell her, would she laugh me out of her office? I sure hoped not. CHAPTER 7 More Than One Big Surprise I did tell Lucy how it had all started several months ago, when I was at my wit’s end. I had sought out Isabel for advice, hoping to get some answers. I told her the story Isabel shared with me about the eleventh problem. I told her of Isabel’s

hand. She rarely said much, but when she did, we all listened. “I guess what they all had in common was that they were very generous. Each one took the time to listen to us. They recognized our value.” She paused. As she placed her hand over her heart, she said softly, “Each person had a generous heart.” That was the day everything changed. The fighting melons became a team. Aha! #17 OUR STORIES CONNECT US WITH EACH OTHER. CHAPTER 9 Generous Hearts Make a Difference Over the next

ever. You are just beginning to see what I’ve known all along—what an exceptional woman you really are.” I felt myself melting deeper into his arms. “The changes you have made over the last year have shown you what can happen when you decide to get out of your own way. Honey, if you just keep on doing what you’ve been doing, there will be no stopping you. I have faith that you will give it your best shot and take care of yourself.” That’s my Jake, always the wind beneath my wings. Lucy’s

confused, I said, “I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Sort of like when I unplug my headset?” “That’s it exactly,” Isabel smiled. “When you unplug your headset, you disconnect from all the noise. The voices, the static—everything disappears. All you hear is peaceful silence. “The same thing happens with our minds. They are filled with constantly whirling thoughts and feelings and endless chatter. I discovered that when I unplugged mentally, it all stopped. All I heard was silence. I felt

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