The Fran That Time Forgot (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist, Book 4)

The Fran That Time Forgot (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist, Book 4)

Jim Benton

Language: English

Pages: 15

ISBN: 0439791510

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Franny K. Stein didn't think the time would ever come when someone would realize what the K in her name stood for. And she REALLY didn't think that same someone would say her middle name in front of the whole school! But that's what happened at the Science Fair award ceremony, and all the kids and teachers burst out laughing. So Franny does what any respectable mad scientist would do -- she goes back in time to change her name.
However, things don't always turn out as calculated, and Franny ends up having to face her teenage self in a warped, fourth-dimensional, kid-versus-teen, good-versus-evil, Franny-versus-Franny battle of the minds!

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middle name is Kissypie.” The kids looked at the principal. They looked at Miss Shelly. They looked at Franny. They looked at each other. And then they erupted into an explosion of laughter. Franny Kissypie Stein. They could hardly believe it. “It’s the most ridiculous name I ever heard!” one of the kids shouted. “What kind of a middle name is that?” “We’ve been afraid of a kid named Kissypie?” Even Miss Shelly and the principal giggled a little. And Franny felt a terrible destructive rage

okay, Mom? But right now I have to finish this.” Franny’s mom threw her arms in the air and walked out, leaving Franny and Igor to the experiment at hand. CHAPTER EIGHT I WONDER WHAT YESTERDAY WILL BE LIKE It’s really not much more complicated than the dessert plate, Igor. It just needs to work on me, instead of the cake, and I just have to travel farther into the past.” Franny showed Igor a copy of her birth certificate. “Here’s what I need to change. See where it says ‘Kissypie’? I’m going

unplugged it from the wall. “This is my lab too, you know,” Franny said. “I made most of this junk. I know how it works,” and she fired a Freeze Ray at Teen Franny. Teen Franny fired a Heat Ray back and the rays cancelled each other out. “Yeah,” Teen Franny said. “I know how it all works too. And while we stand here battling, my elephant-monsters continue to multiply. And besides, you bratty little kid, we may be the same person, but I’m the older version. That means I know everything you

Inc. Book design by Dan Potash and Lucy Ruth Cummins The illustrations for this book are rendered in pen, ink, and watercolor. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Benton, Jim. The Fran that time forgot /[written and] illustrated by Jim Benton. — 1st ed. p. cm. — (Franny K. Stein, mad scientist ; #4) Summary: When her embarrassing middle name is revealed at school, mad scientist Franny K. Stein experiments with time in order to return to the past and give herself a more

school always filled Franny with mixed emotions. On the one hand, Franny loved creating new inventions and sharing them with others. On the other hand, Franny already had a long list of projects in her lab that she was anxious to complete. And on the other hand, it was always an extra challenge to create a project that the kids at school would appreciate. Wait a second, that was three hands. Well, this is Franny we’re talking about. Franny explained it to her mom. “I want to do a good Science

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