The Finishing Touch: Perfecting the art of accessorizing

The Finishing Touch: Perfecting the art of accessorizing

Imogen Lamport

Language: English

Pages: 120

ISBN: B006072FFU

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Do you know how to choose accessories to complement your outfits?
Do you know the trick to finding the perfect all purpose shoe colour for your wardrobe?
Do you want to know how to flatter your figure with the perfect accessories?
Do you struggle with deciding which shoes to choose?
Do you want to discover how to choose flattering glasses frames?
Do you know more than 20 ways to tie a scarf?
Do you know how to figure out your face shape and which earrings will be most flattering?
With over a hundred pages of easy to apply information on choosing accessories including:

hair accessories
plus so much more, Imogen Lamport brings you an easy to follow guide filled with loads of up-to-date colour pictures to help you choose the right accessories to create your most fabulous style.

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it rubbing in any way. Your heel should fit into the quarter (back of the shoe) without it digging into you or being too low so that the shoe slides off your foot. If you have a narrow heel you may need to add suede heel grips to the back of shoes, they really work well. The size of your feet may change over your lifetime. Pregnancy can make a woman’s foot grow ½ a size with the hormones and extra weight. Like clothing, shoes are not completely standard, so you may find that you need to

look like completely different outfits. See how accessories can really stretch your wardrobe? How to Work that LBD The Little Black Dress is so widely known and loved and appears in many wardrobes - but how do you get full value from it? Why not dress it up and down to make it work harder for you. Here I›ve quickly put together some ideas on what accessories you could put with it to make it more casual, to dressing it up for a cocktail party. How to Create Focus on Your Assets

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there is no point in fighting nature every day. Go for a cut that works with your hair, not against it. Mick (my hairdresser from Biba Doncaster, Melbourne) told me that he’d had someone in who had asked for the same haircut as I had in the video, yet they had tight spiral curls - my hair., which is slightly wavy naturally, is also medium fine, and easy to straighten, her hair was not, so my cut was not suitable for her. 2. How much time are you prepared to spend doing it? As you may have seen

fantastic period piece or heirloom, think about having it remodelled and can take the materials from the piece and turn them into something new and modern. Costume jewellery, if it’s great quality it can last for years, but if it’s something that is scratched, chipped or tarnished, or has lost its coating, it’s time to let it go as it looks shabby and will make you look tired and shabby. Costume jewellery needs to look real, so when the coating comes off the metal, or if the pearl finish

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