The Bones of Odin (Matt Drake) (Volume 1)

The Bones of Odin (Matt Drake) (Volume 1)

David Leadbeater

Language: English

Pages: 314

ISBN: 1482504359

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A UK #1 BestSeller in Thriller and Action/Adventure. ~ Recommended for those who love an escapist action adventure. Reviews "Original! Fascinating! Breathtaking. . .Leadbeater really adds to the genre!" JOHN PAUL DAVIS, author of The Templar Agenda, a top 3 UK thriller. Did ancient Gods like Odin and Zeus and Thor once really exist? The time has come for a grand adventure filled with high excitement and explosive action. Matt Drake, a retired SAS officer, must unravel a mystery older than time in his search for the Nine Pieces of Odin. Though scattered aeons ago, it is believed that once the Pieces are reunited they will show the way to the Tomb of the Gods- the greatest archaeological find of all time. From a rocket attack on the Louvre to a battle in a Swedish cavern, from a daring helicopter raid on New York's National History Museum to an assault on a gangsters mansion in Hawaii, Matt Drake must find the world's oldest treasure in one of the wildest places on earth, searching for the very bones of the Gods with the spoils of victory being the entire world. Reader reviews: "can't wait for another Matt Drake adventure!!" "Bond meets The Da Vinci code but with higher stakes!" "if you like Andy Mcdermott or Matthew Reilly, get this book." "Another gem of a novel from this inventive writer." "this book is so full of life!"

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Dahl as much background on her as he was allowed to disclose. “So,” he said when he’d finished. “Are we helpful, or what?” “Not bad,” Dahl admitted, as the door opened again, and an older man with a surprisingly thick mane of long hair and a lush beard walked in. To Drake he looked like a modern aging Viking. Dahl nodded. “Ahh, I’ve been waiting for you, Prof. May I present Professor Roland Parnevik.” He smiled. “Our expert in Nordic mythology.” Drake nodded, then saw Ben sizing the new man

book. “I’d heard the SAS have never been ambushed in enemy territory. Guess you were never part of that team, huh?” “What’s what?” Ben asked distractedly, in answer to her question. “That.” Kennedy leaned forward and tapped the side of the monitor, indicating a row of tiny icons hidden among a jumble of manuscript symbols. Ben frowned. “They’re picture icons. The search cross-references with some of the many pictures found here in books relating to Odin.” As Kennedy straightened herself, her

pedestal—a mummified hand, identified as District Attorney No. 3. And many more. As Drake skirted the display cases, trying to reel in his morbid fascination and focus, he finally spotted the fantastic items they were looking for. The valkyries: a pair of pure-white statues mounted on a thick circular block. Both sculptures were about five feet in height but it was the striking detail in them that took Drake’s breath away. Two buxom women, nude and, like the mighty Amazons of old, both with

stood waiting. The floor crunched alarmingly under his boots, but he put it down to mummified debris. “This cavern is oddly small compared to what we saw on the GPR,” Dahl said. “It could have miscalculated. Spread out and look for a tunnel or something. And be careful where you stand. No one has set foot down here in many years.” The Swede shrugged, amused at his own ignorance. Drake liked it. He inched around the cavern, studying the uneven walls and shivering despite the heavy coat he’d

pantsuit behind. Drake glanced back. “Don’t want it?” “Don’t need it anymore.” Drake swept her up into his arms. “My room’s not far.” Kennedy let her hair down. THE END The Matt Drake series is a constantly evolving, action-packed romp based in the escapist action-adventure genre. Parts 1-8 are available now with part 9 slated for a March 2015 release. The Bones of Odin (Matt Drake #1) The Blood King Conspiracy (Matt Drake #2) The Gates of Hell (Matt Drake 3) The Tomb of the

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