The Berenstain Bears and the Slumber Party

The Berenstain Bears and the Slumber Party

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0679804196

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sister Bear's first slumber party at Lizzy Bruin's gets out of hand with pillow fighting and soda squirting--and then Brother Bear and Cousin Freddy show up. Lizzy's parents have no choice but to end the party, and Brother and Sister receive a valuable lesson in behaving away from home.

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wasn’t much older than some of Lizzy’s guests. The Bruins hadn’t planned on a slumber party when Lizzy had asked if a few friends could sleep over. And they certainly hadn’t planned on a rip-roaring, earsplitting, popcorn-throwing, soda-squirting party for half the cubs in the neighborhood. Because that’s what was happening—with Sister right in the thick of it. The only thing that wasn’t happening at the slumber party was slumber. Lizzy’s sitter tried to keep things under control, but she

ideas as ever. “Let’s make this a clean-up party!” “Let’s not,” said Sister. “And if you don’t mind, Liz, I don’t want to hear the word party again for a long time.”

the most interesting things about a telephone is that when it rings you don’t know who’s calling until you answer it. Sometimes when the phone rang in the Bears’ tree house, it was for Papa. Papa Bear is a furniture maker, and customers often call about buying a table or chair. Sometimes it was Grizzly Gran calling Mama about getting together for a visit. When the call was for Brother Bear, it was usually Cousin Freddy with a question about homework. When it was for Sister Bear, it

and Anna, Millie, and Queenie. Bring your sleeping bag—and would you bring your tape player? Anna and Millie are bringing tapes—and Queenie’s going to teach us the latest dance steps.” “I don’t know,” Mama Bear said later. “You’ve never slept away from home before.” “Oh, but I have,” protested Sister. “At Grizzly Gramps and Gran’s—one time for a whole week!” “That’s different,” said Mama. “Gramps and Gran are family—close family.” “The Bruins are neighbors,” argued Sister. “Close

Mama Bear sighed and said, “I’m sure she’ll be all right.” “Of course she will,” said Papa Bear, looking up from a magazine. “After all,” Mama said, “Sister is a well-behaved little cub, and Mr. and Mrs. Bruin have a lovely, well-run home and are responsible, careful parents.” “No doubt about it,” said Papa, going back to his reading. There was only one problem: Mr. and Mrs. Bruin weren’t home! They had gone out for the evening and had left Lizzy in the care of a teenage sitter who

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