Social Business By Design: Transformative Social Media Strategies for the Connected Company

Social Business By Design: Transformative Social Media Strategies for the Connected Company

Dion Hinchcliffe, Peter Kim

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1118273214

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the Dachis Group—the global leader in social business—comes the groundbreaking book on transformative social business strategies.

Social Business By Design is the definitive management book on how to rethink the modern organization in the social media era. Based on their research and work through the Dachis Group, thought leaders Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim deftly explore how the social, cultural, and technological trends provoked by the social media explosion are transforming the business environment. Designed as both a strategic overview and a hands-on resource, Social Business By Design clearly shows how to choose and implement a social business strategy and maximize its impact.

  • Explains the mechanisms, applications, and advantages of a strategic array of social media topics, including social media marketing, social product development, crowdsourcing, social supply chains, social customer relationship management, and more
  • Features examples from high-profile companies such as SAP, Procter & Gamble, MillerCoors, Bloomberg, HBO, Ford, and IBM who have implemented social business strategies
  • Draws on the extensive research and expertise of the Dachis Group, which has helped numerous Fortune 500 clients plan, build, and activate effective social business solutions

Containing actionable, high-impact techniques that save time and the bottom line, Social Business By Design will transform any organization's strategy to ensure success and avoid disruption in a fast-moving world.

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applies particularly to social media marketing, which requires exposing a company's public brand in a seemingly permanent way. The least expected contributions can often have the largest business impact: extracting value from unexpected outcomes requires adept management in the moment, when situations are most unclear and critical difficult to control. Social Business Tenet #7 Eliminate all potential barriers to participation. Ease of use is essential. Studies on human interaction have shown

influencers. The index ranks companies with respect to each other: a lower number means a higher overall effective level of social business performance. Launching a new social marketing campaign in September 2011, U.S. Cellular wanted to track its effectiveness to see if it was engaging potential customers better than in the past. By monitoring its ranking in the SBI (which steadily rose from 600 at the outset to 120 by late 2010), the company could see how its actions affected performance. By

solutions now zero in on and optimize for predictable and reliable behavior, even if they reduce innovation. The Intuit example in Chapter Three of encouraging customers to help other customers within Live Community is a prime example of the customer care aspect of social CRM in action. A canonical pattern here is this: a social CRM environment will let a visitor ask a question publicly and let anyone else in the community, customer or employee, answer it. Social CRM tools can also support

into the same bucket. If someone says, “I'm having problem X with your product,” and that question has been asked before in a similar fashion, the customer is asked to combine his or her question with that bucket. Because it's a social environment, everyone's questions can be seen and combined when possible. Instead of talking to customers about a million individual issues, only perhaps a few thousand total conversational buckets exist instead, each of which can have a conversational thread on

Alpha, Oct. 19, 2011. Chapter Four 1 Kang, C. “Half of American Adults Use Facebook, Other Social Networks: Pew.” Washington Post, Aug. 26, 2011. Radicati, S., and Oh, D. Social Networking Market, 2011–2015. Radicati Group. 2 Bansal, S. “One

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