Rob Feenie's Casual Classics: Everyday Recipes for Family and Friends

Rob Feenie's Casual Classics: Everyday Recipes for Family and Friends

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 1553658736

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Canada's first Iron Chef America Champion shares the best of his family-friendly -- and award-winning -- casual meals.

Rob Feenie has been crafting simple yet special recipes throughout his celebrated career. Now, the longtime leader in the casual fine dining movement reveals his favourite recipes for the best meals in life: everyday cooking with family and friends.

Feenie first wowed diners with his innovative tasting menus at the inventive Lumiere restaurant in Vancouver. Today, he creates delicious family-style recipes for Cactus Club restaurants -- every day, thousands of people of all ages enjoy his satisfying signature dishes.

Rob Feenie's Casual Classics brings together the best of these innovative and approachable meals. From such fundamental recipes as roasted tomato sauce and juicy poached chicken to globally inspired dishes like barbecued duck spring rolls, quinoa jambalaya and braised osso buco, these are real-life recipes -- modern classics that are adaptable to budgets, dietary restrictions and busy schedules.

Every recipe has been tested in Feenie's home kitchen in meals with friends and family, and approved by his own three kids, ages 3, 6 and 7. The result is a beautifully illustrated and inspirational compendium of family classics that is sure to become a staple in any home chef's library.

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Pat dry and slice as needed. using a fine-mesh sieve, rinse kasha under cold running water. Drain well and transfer to a medium bowl. Stir in the 1 tsp olive oil and combine until grains are well coated, then transfer to a heavy-bottomed pot on medium heat. Stir constantly with a wooden spoon, breaking up lumps, until kasha is separated into individual grains. This step seals the kasha kernels so they do not become mushy during subsequent cooking. Reduce the heat to low and add vegetable (or

than 8 hours or it will “overcook.”) Rinse the cure from the fish under gently running cold water, pat dry with a paper towel, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until needed or for up to 5 days. Continued overleaf > 93 Horseradish-mustard vinaigrette In a small bowl, whisk together mustards, red wine vinegar, horseradish, lemon juice and honey. Whisking constantly or using a handheld blender, gradually add sunflower (or canola) oil in a thin steady stream until fully incorporated and

fish bones, well rinsed erate for 2 to 3 days or freeze for up to 1 cup dry white wine 2 months. (Thaw frozen stock in the 8 cups cold water 1 bouquet garni (3 whole black peppercorns, 4 parsley stems, 1 bay leaf and 1 sprig thyme wrapped in cheesecloth) 154 basics refrigerator before using it.) Chicken stock Chicken stock is one of the most versatile 3 lbs chicken bones products in any kitchen, as it’s used as a 1 onion, in 1/4-inch dice (about 1 cup) base for soups and sauces, as a

herb aioli, 36 red, grilled, and tomatillos, 7 phyllo pastry, 21, 22–23, 148–49 hoisin, 158 pickled beets, 8 sambal, 159 pie meatballs with dipping sauce, 118–19 mushroom(s) chanterelle, and braised lamb with rigatoni, 78–79 chanterelle, and spicy chicken with spaghetti, 77 spot, cioppino, 32–33 spot, grilled, 104 spot, in paella, 74–75 prunes, brandy-soaked, in baklava, 148–49 pulled pork sliders with napa cabbage and carrot slaw, 39 cheddar cheese apple, 146 quail, grilled, 114–15

teaspoon, scoop the seedy pulp from each zucchini half into a medium bowl, leaving 1/3 of an inch of flesh inside each one. Arrange the zucchini halves in the gratin dish. Roughly chop pulp using a sharp knife. Heat a frying pan on medium, add butter and allow to melt. Add onions and garlic and cook for 3 to 5 minutes, stirring often until onions start to soften. Stir in zucchini pulp. If there is any liquid coming out of the zucchini, cook for a few minutes to evaporate it. Remove from the heat,

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