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After settlement negotiations between humanity and the alien Tarsalans go horribly wrong, the Earth is engulfed in a mysterious green sphere-blocking all sunlight from reaching the surface. Only two scientists-one isolated on the Moon's lunar colony, the other trapped on a dying Earth-possess the minds and the means to destroy the sphere before it renders the world completely barren...

The Phoenix and the Carpet (Psammead Trilogy, Book 2)

The Art of Camping: The History and Practice of Sleeping Under the Stars. Matthew de Abaitua

Tear of the Gods (Rogue Angel, Book 31)

The Mongoliad: Book Two (The Foreworld Saga, Book 2) (Deluxe Collector's Edition)

Those in Peril (Hector Cross, Book 1)

Destiny (Rogue Angel, Book 1)
















coming to a real understanding of how they think, at least from a tactical and guerrilla standpoint. We’ve also made a fallback position in the cave.” She dried her tears. “I forgot about the cave.” “We’ve fortified the first chamber, and provisioned the second. We’ve got fresh water in there. Enough to last a month. Medicine, too. Not to mention food. We go out on patrol regularly. We search the area. And we spray the house every day for bugs. Unfortunately, before we started spraying, the

like a dash of hope at the beginning of this new world. It was like a revelation. It told him that it was, at last, over. And when Glenda finally looked at him, he knew that all the trouble between them was finally over as well. The world was vastly different, weighted with tragedy and death. But like that cardinal up there, it was also a place of new starts. For him, as well as for everybody else. And he decided a new start was all anybody could ask for. Acknowledgments The author would like

a chill mixed with a fever. “How soon does he think he can do an initial workup?” “He says a few days.” “And Gerry’s reaction?” Bob paused. “No word.” Neil hesitated, but then got down to business. “Does Langstrom have any preliminary ideas?” “He’s already selected a designer organism from his old files. Apparently he’s designed dozens of omniphages like this. He uses them as surgical tools to study the guts of modern-day Aresphyta.” A little more talk about the chemical teeth of potential

is.” “Buzz, I’m real sorry I had to kill your brother.” And the tears came back because she really couldn’t believe she had killed a cop. “The Lord will make His judgment, ma’am.” “Shoot him, Jake!” But Jake didn’t shoot. And Buzz finally disappeared into the dark woods. Ten minutes later, as they were carrying food back to the house, they heard his truck out on the highway, its bump and rattle a sound that now terrified Glenda. Back in the house, she foned Gerry, and he answered on the

leaving a note,” said Hanna. “No, you’re not.” “We could leave a note with a clue in it,” suggested Jake. “Something only Dad would understand. We wouldn’t have to spell out that we were going to Marblehill.” “And what if he doesn’t get the clue?” said Hanna. “You’re such an idiot sometimes, Jake.” “Come on,” said Glenda. “We’re all tired. And we’re frazzled. Let’s just get to Marblehill. Don’t you want to go there and see your cousins? Didn’t you have fun there last summer and the summer

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