One Year in Coal Harbor

One Year in Coal Harbor

Polly Horvath

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0385386532

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers rejoice—Primrose Squarp is back! The wise and curious heroine of the Newbery Honor Book Everything on a Waffle is facing another adventure-filled year in Coal Harbor.

Even though her parents, once lost at sea, are home, there’s a whole slew of problems and mysteries to keep Primrose—and eager fans—busy. There’s Uncle Jack and Kate Bowzer, who may (or may not) be in love. There’s Ked, a foster child who becomes Primrose’s friend. And there’s the new development on the outskirts of town that threatens the Coal Harbor Primrose knows and treasures.

From National Book Award–winning author Polly Horvath comes a masterful sequel to a beloved novel, sure to please old fans and gain new ones.
A perfect charmer…. Hilarious and touching.” —The Boston Globe
“Nobody does middle grade like Horvath.” —The Horn Book Magazine

From the Hardcover edition.

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embarrassed about the dinner party and I was embarrassed at the failure of my boeuf bourguignon plans. “Next time just pick someone who doesn’t blow her nose on my napkins.” “Or doesn’t pronounce the t in often,” I added. “Oh yeah, that makes me crazy too,” said Miss Bowzer, lighting a cigarette and puffing the smoke at the ceiling. I felt better already. “Anyhow, I get it,” said Miss Bowzer contemplatively. “When I was a teenager I thought I was never going to have a boyfriend. All my

mustache and long matted tangled hair. He looks a little like a dog that hasn’t been groomed. I could see the seer going on and on and Ked seemed frozen. It began to occur to me that Ked wasn’t being polite so much as he simply wasn’t capable of moving on. This, I thought, was an unexpected bonanza for the seer. Someone he could corral who didn’t know how to disengage himself. “Someone better rescue him,” I said to Bert and Evie. So Bert went over and told the seer we had to go. I gave Ked

it’s feral.” He moved back in front of Evie, which put him just a couple of feet from the dog. “You stay away from it, Ked,” said Evie. “You never know about stray dogs. It could have rabies.” But the ferocious dog just started whining in a sad, plaintive way and before Ked thought or any of us could stop him, he had knelt down to give it a piece of mini marshmallow muffin and the ferocious dog made a sad little cry and put its head on Ked’s knee. Despite the fact that the dog was mud and burr

started work before the protesters had had time to assemble. There was a stripe taken out of the mountain already. It was gray, ugly, stark. A lot of townspeople were coming down the road to view the stripe. And there was the kind of grim quiet you get at a funeral. It was silent on Jackson Road but it was no longer still. It turned out it wasn’t the removal of the trees but the stillness I minded most. And it made me realize that stillness isn’t because nothing is there. It is because so much

to see them before I made up my mind about whether or not I would let myself get arrested. The only day we could do this was Saturday. “I don’t want to miss a day of fishing,” said Ked. He was going out every Saturday now because my dad said he was a huge help and a fast learner. “You won’t. My dad said he’d wait for you. If we get there by eight we can watch it and then you can go.” “I don’t want to make your dad wait.” “He already said it was fine. That with your help on the boat he can

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