How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to be Persuaded: Get What You Want-Every Time!

How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to be Persuaded: Get What You Want-Every Time!

Joel Bauer

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0471647977

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The art of persuasion as taught by one of the world's most sought-after speakers and pitchmen
In this daring book, Joel Bauer teaches you how to persuade by making your messages entertaining. Learn the secrets behind "The Fright Challenge," "The Transformation Mechanism," and other persuasion tactics used by pitchmen, carneys, and conjurors to convince people to their way of thinking. Along with coauthor Mark Levy, Bauer has taken these ethical, entertainment-based techniques, and has made them practical for everyday use-capable of influencing one person or a thousand, in business and in life.
Joel Bauer (Los Angeles, CA) is an expert in performance-based live marketing who The Wall Street Journal online referred to as "undoubtedly the chairman of the board" of corporate tradeshow rain-making. Mark Levy (Chester, NJ) has written for the New York Times, has authored or coauthored three books, and is the founder of Levy Innovation, a consulting firm that makes individuals and companies memorable.

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your eyes open for times when you can use them as metaphorical persuaders in key situations. If you get good at performing them now, they will pay dividends for you when you need them most. In the rest of this book, I include a mechanism at the end of each chapter, in the hope that if I spoon them out in small doses, you’ll try each mechanism then and there. At the book’s conclusion, I offer you an additional four mechanisms to draw upon. I also describe each mechanism as part of an imaginary

in one of two mutually exclusive ways, depending on who asked and what I felt would intrigue that person. The first opening is declarative: “I perform miracles. Not of the religious kind. Of the business kind. Major corporations, like IBM and Intel, hire me to represent them at trade shows. I act as a human magnet, drawing thousands of prospects to me as if they were iron filings.” The declarative route tells the listener what I do. It doesn’t ask, it asserts. The second route is question

telephone salespeople are overwhelmed and slipping. You’ve told him about your service’s features and benefits. You’ve smoked out and answered his objections. You’ve walked him through your testimonial book. Now, you’re showing him a graph showing your call-load capacity as you wine and dine him at a French restaurant. Still nothing. Tommy tells you how he started the company with a single club, built it into a 190-club giant, and has always solved his problems inhouse. Outsourcing is never

conversation about something other than work, just to lighten the mood. But Jeremy won’t budge. He’s closemouthed. You decide that a mechanism is in order. You walk over to the cash register, take a toothpick, and toss it onto the table. “Jeremy,” you say, “let me show you something I think you’ll find odd, but interesting.” You grab the pepper shaker, twist off the cap, and pour a thin layer of pepper into your glass of water. “I do find that odd,” says Jeremy. “Wait, it gets better.” You

you thank them and head into your talk. Done. With a challenge. A dangerous yet effective technique. Its downside: You can come across as manipulative. Its upside: A challenge grips people and invites their active response. You can create a challenge by taking one of your key points and couching its upside as something frightening: “I must warn you. My productivity system is going to allow you to achieve some heavy gains. But here’s the snag. You’re not Superman. Some people get so intoxicated

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