How to Make Perfect Panini

How to Make Perfect Panini

Elizabeth Atkinson, Catherine Atkinson

Language: English

Pages: 90


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n just a few minutes a panini press turns a humble sandwich into a mouth watering panini with crisp, toasted bread and a hot and flavorsome filling. In this book, you will find all manner of classic and contemporary panini, from the simplest melted cheese, to more sophisticated multi-layered versions. Whether you want a quick snack, a heartier meal, or a dessert, there are panini for every occasion.

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ground ginger and Ɖ teaspoon cinnamon instead of 1 teaspoon cinnamon and follow main recipe. STRAWBERRY MALLOW PANINI (V) Fresh strawberries combine with mini marshmallows between slices of fruit bread in this soft and sticky panini 舑 the perfect sweet snack at any time. Serve with crȲme fraȸche or dairy ice cream. 4 slices fruit loaf or home-made (page 167) or shop-bought milk loaf 15g softened unsalted butter 1 tbsp strawberry jam, preferably 舖smooth舗 without bits 6 medium-sized (about

available. Pain de campagne is a country-style loaf with a rustic texture and a thick dark crust. It contains a small proportion of bran, which gives it an off-white colour. Pair with strong-flavoured fillings such as mature cheese and heavily spiced charcuterie. Brioche is enriched with butter, eggs and milk and has a wonderful rich soft texture. It is traditionally made in individual moulds but use slices from a loaf for panini. British breads Victorian milk bread is typical of the many

BRIE, PEAR AND PEPPERED SALAMI PANINI Creamy Brie is an excellent melting cheese in panini and fresh pears are the perfect contrast. Combine with a peppery salami to add lots of flavour; Italian Milano is a good choice. 4 slices home-made (page 156) or shop-bought ciabatta, about 1cm thick, cut on the diagonal 75g Brie, thinly sliced Ɖ firm ripe pear, quartered, cored, peeled and thinly sliced 6 thin slices (about 25g) peppered salami 1.ŠŠŠHeat the panini press according to the

THREE FLAVOURINGS AND ENHANCERS CHAPTER FOUR BREADS INDEX INTRODUCTION A popular choice on menus in trendy cafȳs, sandwich shops and busy restaurants, there舗s nothing quite like the flavour and aroma of freshly cooked panini hot from the press. Whether you want a quick snack, light lunch or even a main meal, a mouth-watering panini with crisp toasted bread and a hot flavoursome filling is the perfect choice. The word 舖panino舗 is the Italian for a small bread roll and in English we now take

fresh herbs as well as spices. ROASTED RED PEPPER AND HUMMUS PANINI (V) Roasting red peppers enhances their sweetness and adds a delicious subtle smoky flavour. You can do this yourself (see tip below) if time allows, or simply used ready-roasted peppers from a jar. Hummus is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, making this panini a great choice for vegetarians. 2 x 20cm flour tortillas or flatbreads (page 171) 100g home-made (page 135) or shop-bought hummus 2 roasted red pepper halves,

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