Holding on (The Chadwick Family Chronicles)

Holding on (The Chadwick Family Chronicles)

Marcia Willett

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0747259976

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Over the years, the magnificent Keep in Devon has provided a bolt hole for the Chadwick family. Now the five young cousins who grew up there have left home and their grandmother Freddie wonders anxiously whether she will live to see the arrival of the next generation. No matter what happens to them, she knows that The Keep must remain within the family, ready and waiting for their return.

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fine,’ said Maria crossly, ‘but you weren’t quite so keen at the time, were you? Not when he was just starting his pupillage and neither of you were too sure how he might turn out. If I remember you were terribly pleased when Hal turned up on the scene and put Adam’s nose out of joint.’ Elaine was silenced, biting her lip, cudgelling her brain. It was quite true that she and Frank had considered Hal to be the better proposition at the time and had done everything they could to encourage him. ‘I

milk, sausages were frying, scrubbed vegetables were waiting to be shovelled into the steamer. ‘Children’s food is so delicious,’ said Prue contentedly as, with Podger astride her hip, she turned the sausages with a fork. ‘Simple but so tasty. Jam roly-poly for pudding, darling, what do you think of that?’ Podger sucked her thumb meditatively. Beneath the thick dark fringe her brown eyes were thoughtful. Earlier she had managed to extract one of the small ducks from the ark and had kept it to

thick strokes of her heart beat made speech almost impossible but she managed a smile as she turned to look at him. ‘I thought you’d like some tea,’ she said, and continued to look at him smilingly despite the lack of expression in his face. ‘Why not?’ He shrugged. ‘Bring the tray through to the living room.’ She was glad that he had not chosen the drawing room for this confrontation. Somehow the drawing room had remained very much Miles’s territory. At least here she took some measure of

after Dartmouth. It’s only Fliss, really.’ Ellen put a tray of scones in the oven and sat down in the rocking chair. ‘I’m getting old and foolish,’ she admitted. ‘That’s what. I don’t know what’s come over me and that’s a fact.’ Caroline was silent. Slicing the beans neatly into a colander she reflected that some sort of change had certainly affected Ellen. Hitherto it had been she who was the strong one: acerbic, sharp, keeping them on their toes. Negativity had never been one of Ellen’s

matter,’ said Kit after a moment. ‘When you’re forty-two and he’s only thirty-five. It would be ghastly. You’d fear every younger woman and all those pretty girls. Oh, why is it that men of fifty are distinguished and women of fifty are old bags?’ ‘I’d risk it,’ said Sin, ‘if Mole really loved me and really wanted to, I couldn’t resist him. But he doesn’t. Oh, he’s made chivalrous, well-bred noises but he’s been relieved when I’ve shut him up. Don’t look so shocked. What d’you expect from a

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