GQ [UK] (June 2015)

GQ [UK] (June 2015)

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Pages: 366

ISBN: 2:00287004

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GQ, UK Edition, June 2015

Seventeen (April 2014)

What on Earth Are You Wearing?: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fashion

Becoming a Fashion Designer

Color Your Style: How to Wear Your True Colors

Seventeen (April 2014)

The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish
















Urban Area and the London commuter belt, Woking was fundamentally parochial; visitors were once greeted with a billboard that proclaimed, “All-Weather Shopping And Sparkling Entertainment”, a promise too dull to even contemplate. Photographs Rex A  Cappuccino kid (clockwise from above): In Italy during his Style  Council years, 1986; lending his image to a John Varvatos campaign with Miles Kane (right); arriving to record the Band Aid single in 25 November 1984; a cut from Weller’s own

Green Mimbles. (The aforementioned are not vegetables. But you never know. To stay ahead of the veg curve, all you can do is invent and hope.) Matters are simplified, however, by the fact that no self-respecting man should be nibbling on vegetables for brunch in New York anyway. You know what you should order? Eggs and coffee. If you want to gnaw greenery in the morning for health reasons, do it in your own home with the curtains drawn. Dear Victoria, My partner has announced she is having a boob

Sixties, his son Albert was keen to create his own ready-to-wear menswear vision and the little store in Nice became known for its colourful design and luxurious fabrics. Soon the Goldbergs started to open stores throughout Europe. Today Façonnable remains famous as the epitome of Riviera style and is currently undergoing something of a renaissance. So even if you aren’t heading for Cinquante Cinq in Saint-Tropez and spending the summer in Southwold instead, you can still feel a little Med in

emails late one afternoon about strangely amusing blogs such as Food On My Dog (on which a man takes photos of his Staffie with everything from baguettes to sushi on her head) and the like. Alas, my Shirt. £65. Trousers, £230. Both by E Tautz. Shoes by Christian Louboutin for E Tautz, £575. Thickening Tonic by, £11. final email, asking, “Have you seen my f***king red trousers?”, was not read until the following morning when the exchange

for 50ml. Body armour: Sisley’s Super Soin Solaire range helps combat sun damage JUNE 2015 G FASHION ◆ EXCLUSIVE EVENTS ◆ GROOMING ◆ NEWS ◆ COMPETITIONS ◆ WATCHES Loafing around If you’re going to don Italian loafers, then wear them the Italian way – and that is with no socks and no shame! Team Gucci’s classic black croc-effect leather loafers with a slim-fit navy suit or slim-fit jeans to perfect the look. £1,390. Get shorty When it comes to shorts, there are

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