Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

Xiuming Chai, Haoyang Lu

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 9881973953

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fashion is another name for vogue. It stands at the forefront of the avant-garde trends. Illustration is the most flexible graphic design which could convey designers' inspirations freely. What if fashion meets illustration? When fashion is illustrated with diverse illustration approaches, the passionate images would enhance the fascinating charm of fashion. In the book, pencil, watercolour, colour pen, marker pen, software, collage and synthesis approaches are introduced in detail. The trendy elements in fashion are illustrated in a fresh way.

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The Art of Fashion Illustration: Learn the Techniques and Inspirations of Today's Leading Fashion Artists















in neutral colours and feminine cuts. 安桑·乔治亚娜·伦古 罗马尼亚 项目名称:建筑学 工 具:除插画中的人物之外,全部运用彩 色铅笔和黑色水笔 其余作品则来自为罗马尼亚康斯坦察城某时装店设计的作品集。 短款夹克、裙子、裤装等作品崇尚天然、柔和的设计理念。 47 Anca Georgiana Lungu Romania 安桑·乔治亚娜·伦古 罗马尼亚 48 Anca Georgiana Lungu Romania Title: Architectural Media: coloured pencils and black ink, except the man which was drew in Illustrator. The other sketches are some proposals of romantic inspiration with pieces loaded with details, for the fall-winter 09 collection the designer did for a

own with shoes, tights, sunglasses, hats, bags & hair. 艾玛兹•侯赛因 美国 项目名称:汤米·希尔菲格插画集 工 具:HB铅笔影印之后,用彩笔润色。女孩系列作品,运用水彩 设计。 一些时装公司常常喜欢在设计团队中邀请插画师的加入,从而实现多 元化的设计。因此,设计师与汤米•希尔菲格设计小组一起,为打造亚 洲时装提供视觉与线条的创意设计。 设计师运用不同的季节颜色,在确保满足消费者需求的基础上,在鞋 子、紧身衣、太阳镜、帽子、箱包及头发等方面注入设计亮点。 53 Elmaz Hüseyin USA 艾玛兹•侯赛因 美国 54 Elmaz Hüseyin USA Title: Tommy Hilfiger Illustrations Media: Initial roughs were in pencil hb then a heavy black pencil – with cleaner lines - then the designer would photocopy them and add colour

具:铅笔、Photoshop图像处理软件。 数字绘画,灵感源自丰富多样化、现代简约的洛杉矶唐人街。 60 Fabiana Pigna Los Angeles, CA Title: Louis Vuitton Bust Media: colour pencils on paper A drawing inspired by the bunny ears created by Marc Jacobs for the fashion house Louis Vuitton. 菲比安娜•皮尼亚 加利福尼亚州,洛杉矶 项目名称:路易•威登半身像 工 具:彩色铅笔、纸张。 设计灵感源自马克•雅各布斯为路易•威登时装公司创作的兔耳朵。 61 Fabiana Pigna Los Angeles, CA Title: Marianita Media: colour pencils on paper Close up of a friend wearing an intricate, pleated high shoulder top. 菲比安娜•皮尼亚 加利福尼亚州,洛杉矶

edited it Photoshop using filters and textures 项目名称:完美十时装 Illustrator – all vectors; INSPIRATION: Perfect 10 Couture’s logo and ideal Perfect 10 woman; FOR: Perfect 10 Couture’s fashion graphic tee collection. 矢量图片处理软件——所有向量;设计灵感:完美十时装的 工 具:Prismacolour彩色铅笔、Prismacolour马克笔、 Prismacolour粉彩、图像处理软件。 标识以及每个女人对十全十美的渴望;客户:完美十时装。 139 Anne Marie Maniego USA Title: Hellz Girl Media: hand drawn using Prismacolour coloured pencils, Prismacolour markers, Prismacolour pastels, edited it Photoshop

Prismacolour coloured pencils, Prismacolour markers, Prismacolour pastels, edited it Photoshop using filters and textures 项目名称:描绘 ILLUSTRATION: Illustrator – all vectors; INSPIRATION: 80’s classic arcade games (PAC MAN); FOR: FIDM Portfolio, Spring/Summer ’09 Juniors Sportswear collection. 矢量图片处理软件——所有向量; 设计灵感:20世纪80年 工 具:Prismacolour彩色铅笔、Prismacolour马克笔、 Prismacolour粉彩、图像处理软件。 代的经典街机游戏(吃豆人);客户:FIDM PORTFOLIO品 牌,2009年春/夏季青少年运动装合集。 143 Anne Marie Maniego USA Title: Miranda Kerr Media:

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