Fantastic First-Time Father (50 Things You Really Need to Know)

Fantastic First-Time Father (50 Things You Really Need to Know)

Tim Mungeam

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: B00B83PL98

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Finding out you're going to be a father for the first time is an incredible feeling - your life will never be the same again. Though, biologically speaking, your job is done, the real work is yet to come: supporting the future mother of your child through all the highs and lows of her pregnancy, and preparing for your new role as a father.

Most dads-to-be feel underprepared and overawed, but Fantastic First-Time Father: 50 Things You Really Need to Know has all the expert advice you need for every step of the way, from receiving the news to functioning on two hours of sleep a night, and along the way you'll get insider tips and expert advice.

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reassuring and calming for all three of you (amniotic fluid is quite a good conductor of sound). Over time your baby will become accustomed to your voice and be able to recognize it when he hears it for the first time in the big wide world outside the womb. These ‘conversations’ will be good for you and your partner too – you can both talk to the baby together. It’ll help the baby seem more real and it’ll also show your partner that you are committed to being an involved dad from (even before)

might rationalize this by saying that your role will kick in much later on – when your daughter can do more, communicate more and be generally more, well, interesting. The truth is, however, that the sooner you engage with your new daughter the sooner she – and you – will reap the benefits. Getting ready for a bath It really doesn’t matter what time of day you bath your baby. If you’re a working dad, evening bathing may fit better into your lifestyle, so you might want to mention this to your

at it. Time for two With divorce and separation statistics continuing to rise, it’s clear that sustaining a long-term relationship isn’t easy. Every couple needs the chance to nurture their relationship: spending time together, communicating and sharing their lives. As you think about your average week, make this a priority for you. Enjoy being parents together. Even when you don’t feel like it, quit your TV-dinner habit, making time for conversation which is based on more than ‘Where’s the

reply will offer her interpretation of your efforts as a dad – beyond the first few weeks, beyond the first few years, maybe even beyond the first few decades – in just a few sentences. It’ll be the things that really struck home for her; the things that seemed important to you. Now is the time to begin making sure that the answer she gives is one of which you, and she, can be rightly proud. Now’s the time to ensure that whatever other comment she chooses to make, she’ll also say, ‘He’s always

Meconium The baby’s greenish-brown first stool. Moulding The temporary reshaping of a baby’s head during birth, which occurs due to pressure from the birth canal and pelvic bones. Neonatal The time from a baby’s birth to 28 days after the birth. Neural tube defect A birth defect that affects the baby’s brain or spine. Obstetrician A doctor specializing in pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. Oxytocin A hormone secreted by the body during birth that causes uterine contractions.

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