Exploring the Amazon

Exploring the Amazon

Helen Schreider, Frank Schreider

Language: English

Pages: 115

ISBN: 0870440780

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Since the day of the conquistadors, the Amazon has lured explorers and adventurers. Many have left records of their experiences, but few accounts are so filled with the exceitement of discovery as Exploring The Amazon, a stirring tribute to the courage of its authors. Another National Geographic treasure.

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wind, they sat wilted on the stern as the Mamuri spun sicken-ingly toward the vortex of a block-wide whirlpool. Grabbing a paddle, I scrabbled ineffectually at the water, working to slow our dizzy spinning, hoping that Helen could coax Poli or Compadre to try again. Time after time I fought toward the edge of the swirl only to be driven back by the wind. Blinded by sweat, the strength ebbing from my arms, I felt the raft lurch toward the vortex, then straighten as Poli added his force to mine,

history as varied and violent as any in the New World. Herndon, who led a U. S. Navy fact-finding expedition down the river in 1851-52, left his mark in a way no other can claim. He can be credited, at least in part, with giving us Life on the Mississippi, Huckleberry Finn, and Tom Sawyer. Writing some 50 years after he read Herndon's journal, Mark Twain termed it one of the turning points of his life: "I was fired with a longing to ascend the Amazon.... At last Circumstance came to my help. It

in demand — from the $100 duty-free allowance Brazilians could take out of the city. The flow of tourists dwindled. Deprived of their principal customers, with the Manaus market already saturated and with millions of dollars worth of merchandise on hand, many of the new businesses were closing. Then, just as suddenly, the government removed the crippling restriction to give merchants a chance to unload their stocks. "It's this sort of indecision that holds Manaus back," one businessman

another claim now. Not set up yet. But when I am, I'll find gold. I'm not worried about that. I'm more worried about what'll happen when I do find it. Where can I get a bodyguard I can trust to get the gold from my claim to the airstrip?" Sudden downpour catches a canoe in midstream at sunrise. "In seven months we had traveled 3,000 miles on the Amazon; only the 1,100 miles to Belem remained," the Schreiders wrote, as the river broadened dramatically at the confluence with the Rio Negro just

Helen replied softly, "No, we didn't make it. The river just let us go." Illustrations references appear in italics Achiote (seed) 72 Achual Indians 82, 83, 86-89, 90, 93, 96; brujo (witch doctor) 88-89, 93, 96 Agouti paca (rodent) 148 Aguirre, Lope de 151 Airplane service: animal transport 120, 138; jungles 82-83,85, 86, 171, 174, 178 Alpaca wool: caps 40, 42; spinning 40: weaving 16 Altiplano: Peru 47, 56, 56, 58; farming 48, 49, 52 Alto Perillo, Peru 7 / 1 Alvarenga (fishing boat)

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