Dance of the Tiger: A Novel of the Ice Age

Dance of the Tiger: A Novel of the Ice Age

Language: English

Pages: 280

ISBN: 0520202775

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Björn Kurtén's compelling novel gives the reader a detailed picture of life 35,000 years ago in Western Europe. One of the world's leading scholars of Ice Age fauna, Kurtén fuses extraordinary knowledge and imagination in this vivid evocation of our deepest past. This novel illuminates the lives of the humans who left us magnificent paintings in the caves of France and Spain.

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esker and granite hills to the mighty pillars of the lowland grand forest, secure in their massed strength. There were also the wetlands, where the pine became scrawny and dwarfed once more, fighting for its life amid willow, alder, and birch, and the bogs, where the pine died. But the sombre spruce had not yet invaded the land, and perhaps would not do so at all, in this age; its domain was half a world away to the east. In early summer, the pines blossomed into the light green of their new

Lake, Mister Silverbirch’s old camp. His children still live there and may have some news.” So it was resolved, and on a clear, still day the islanders ferried themselves to the mainland. Blue Lake was two days from the coast. With old Silverbirch as a guide, the trip was easy. They found good game and the bilberries were ripe. Silverbirch took no chances. When they drew near Blue Lake, he sent Baywillow and Silverweed as scouts. When they returned saying that all was in order, the rest of the

taken heed.” “Lynx told his story to Viper, but sometimes he had to stop and cover his eyes, for the ghosts were crowding in on him all the time—so terrible is the magic of Tiger! He said that the Trolls had taken refuge on a hill with their leader. Lynx actually saw him. He threw a javelin at Tiger, but the magic was working already, dimming his sight, and he failed to strike his target. He felt himself going blind, and he crawled away and hid in the thicket. There his sight came back, and he

around to rejoin his family. The tiger sat down and yawned, baring his great curved scimitars, and closed his jaws with an audible click. Tiger could not help grinning. His heart was going out to that fearless, cunning, clown of an animal, a midget fighting a giant. Then in one quick, flowing movement, the tiger rushed the mammoths. He never reached them. The great bull whirled around to counterattack, and the tiger dashed away. He moved without effort on the snow crust, which the mammoth

“Dear Mister Silverbirch, are you all right?” In the White tongue Baywillow said, “What he was trying to tell you, Mister Shelk, was that Tiger did not kill your brother. I did. I had revenge for my father, Mister Ferret.” “You, Buzzard?” cried Shelk, almost choking with rage. “Are you one of them, too?” “My name is Baywillow. I am Tiger’s brother.” Veyde, meanwhile, was looking fearfully at Silverbirch, who was struggling for air. “Oh Mister Skylark,” she cried, “come back! Come back!” The

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