Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook

Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook

James Stroman, Kevin Wilson

Language: English

Pages: 560

ISBN: 0814433529

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From managing the phones, coordinating meetings, and preparing presentations to planning events, crafting clear business communications, and deciphering legal documents, administrative assistants need to be everything to everyone, all the time. Long the gold standard for office professionals seeking to improve their performance and enhance their value to employers, this comprehensive guidebook is the definitive source of information on topics including: Creating graphics, charts, and presentations ● Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Publisher ● Web conferencing ● Electronic and paper filing systems ● Recordkeeping ● Research skills ● Travel arrangements ● Meeting planning and management ● Business math ● Computer and software troubleshooting ● And much more Extensively updated, the fifth edition of the "Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook" contains new information on Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2013, Apple OS, mobile computing, data security, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Microsoft Web Applications. Today's administrative jobs are demanding and constantly changing. The latest edition of this best-selling guide will help professionals everywhere come out on top.

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The team got into trouble. Count: The team had many troubles. Noun Case Nouns can be in the subjective, possessive, and objective case. The case tells you the role of a noun in a sentence. Here are some examples: The football player (subject) runs very fast. He selected a car (object). The football player’s (possessive) jersey was torn. Nouns in the subjective and objective case are identical. Nouns in the possessive usually require an apostrophe followed by the letter s or es. Verbs

health, a fitness center was set up in the basement.” In this example, the infinitive phrase To keep the employees interested in their health should probably modify the person who set up the fitness center. Thus, this example could be rewritten as: “To keep the employees interested in their health, the manager set up a fitness center in the basement.” Finally, additional misplaced modifier problem involves adverbs. Adverbs can be placed almost anywhere in a sentence, but their placement can

box. 3. Close the box securely. Most shipping companies, including the USPS, will not accept boxes tied with string. Nor should you use masking tape or regular cellophane tape; neither has enough strength to keep the box closed. Instead, use carton sealing tape, pressure-sensitive place tape, water-activated paper tape, or water-activated reinforced tape. In general, you should apply three strips of tape to the top and the bottom. One strip should seal the box, and the other two strips should

folders for organizing mail, toolbars, a menu bar, a message list, and a message view window. The most commonly used toolbar or menu bar commands include: New Message—to create a new message Print—to print a paper copy of a message Read—to view a message in a separate window Reply—to reply to a particular message Reply to All—to reply to everyone copied on a previous message Send and Receive—to send out mail you’ve written and receive new messages Forward—to send an email you’ve received

sure you’re aware of all you must do during the day. Check your list of recurring matters: appointments, meetings, payroll dates, bill payments, and tax or insurance deadlines. Give your employer a reminder list of appointments and other activities, and prepare any material from the files he or she will need. As part of your normal daily routine, try to order your activities in the most productive way. When you have to leave your desk to run an errand, for example, do other errands at the same

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