50 Things You Really Need to Know: Fantastic First-Time Father

50 Things You Really Need to Know: Fantastic First-Time Father

Tim Mungeam

Language: English

Pages: 131

ISBN: 2:00240305

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Finding out you're going to be a father for the first time is an incredible feeling - your life will never be the same again. Though, biologically speaking, your job is done, the real work is yet to come: supporting the future mother of your child through all the highs and lows of her pregnancy, and preparing for your new role as a father.

Most dads-to-be feel underprepared and overawed, but Fantastic First-Time Father: 50 Things You Really Need to Know has all the expert advice you need for every step of the way, from receiving the news to functioning on two hours of sleep a night, and along the way you'll get insider tips and expert advice.

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length. There are lots of baby name books on the market to help you play around with ideas, and plenty of ideas on the web. Start by asking yourselves the following kinds of questions: Do you want to name the baby after a friend or family member? Do you have any names that are personal favourites? Would you prefer a name that has a meaning? Would you prefer a religious name, or something that is culturally significant? Do you want a conventional spelling or something unique? Do you want a name

present at the actual birth. For most couples, though not all, this means YOU! The father of the baby. The dads of old who left their labouring wives at the door of the delivery suite and headed off for the pub for a pint and to hand round cigars have almost been consigned to history. The majority of men want to be as involved as possible in the birth itself. It’s likely that everyone will assume that you’ll be there at the birth – and you may be happy about that. Equally, however, agreeing to

years on, that their baby was not quite what they expected and the same may happen to you. It could be that you secretly thought (and even hoped) that he would be a girl (or vice versa), you’re shocked by how he looks, or you’re disappointed that he doesn’t look more like you. I can’t decide whether he looks more like Winston Churchill or Mao Zedong. With respect to them both, things can only get better. #goodlookingboy New mums and dads are often racked with guilt as they experience these

the birth; it can seem like a worrying prospect. But as with so much in parenthood, the advice from most parents who have been there themselves is ‘just jump in and do it’. Chances are that it won’t be as bad as you think and every time you go out, you’ll get better and quicker at doing it (be prepared for very slow outings in the early days). The biggest hurdle you’ll face is achieving anything at all when everyone just wants to stop you and admire your babies. How common are twins and other

and it’s true for adults. We all spell love T-I-M-E. Our self-esteem gets a boost when someone we love sends us the message, ‘I like being with you. This is where I want to be.’ Keep calm and carry on reading Babies and children love books. You may not be much of a reader yourself, but even from the earliest days, reading to your child is a great thing to do. For a start, it gives you a reason to spend time with your baby and even gives you things to say. Let’s face it, you don’t get too much

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